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  • Cozym, we help our clients process design for the purpose of converting raw goods to usable end products, including energy.
    Process engineering looks at the entire process from Point A, which is a raw material, to Point Z, which is the desired end product.


    CPS prides procurement and engineering servicer in the chemical industry in two core areas as provided below.

    Lube Oil Processing Plant

    Lube oils are just one of many fractions, or components, that can be derived from raw petroleum. Cozym Limited provides engineering and procurement services in development and setting up of lube processing plants. Such processing plants are well equipped for every stage of lube oil processing such as sedimentation, fractionating to filtering Lube Oil Processing Plant and solvent extraction.

    Ethanol Storage

    Tanks Storage of ethanol includes certain special requirements such as anti-corrosive materials and polymers for safe and secure storage of the chemical. Cozym Limited provides procurement and installation services for setting up and maintenance of sturdy ethanol storage tanks.

    Water and Environment

    • Water Supply and Treatment
    • Wastewater / Effluent Treatment
    • Produced Water Treatment to recommended Levels
    • Air Pollution Abatement Systems
    • Water Storage Tanks – Braithwaite, elevated steel and cylindrical
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Potable water and Wastewater Treatment
    • Effluent and Produced Water Treatment to recommended Levels
    • Water Storage Tank and Treatment Systems Design
    • Laboratory Testing of Water Quality

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